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Suddenly You're Creative

You're going to throw a themed party?! That's fantastic!

What do you mean, you don't know how?

Not a problem, dear one, I've got you.

If you know a good amount of the world you are basing your party on, you've got all the content you need, and now you just need a touch of creativity. (No, stop that, you are TOO just as creative as I am. Although thank you for the compliment!)

Let's go about it the easy way, and I'll give you my Game of Thrones season 7 premiere party as an example.

The number one way to throwing a memorable event? (Lean in, it's a secret.)

The 5 senses.

No, really. That's my favorite advice in walking people through what stands out to guests at an event.

Let's go back to Westeros:

You, rocking your best Stark cloak, walk up to the door of the party. You SEE your host and hostess welcoming you in a more hospitable manner than you would expect of the Lannisters. Their banner is behind them.

They invite you in. You HEAR the soundtrack of the previous seasons being played softly, enough to listen to but not enough to drown out any conversation. (Loud music at a place I'm trying to have a conversation is one of my biggest pet peeves.) This music will eventually turn off, along with the lights, when it is time to premiere the episode.

You SMELL something delicious. What is that?! You turn around.

Oh, my. It's bacon-wrapped pork, flanked by ham and salami. They are labeled “The Boar That Killed King Robert”. And it's next to cheese, grapes, crackers, and cupcakes. Which is next to the Dornish wine.

You TASTE ...all of it. You have some of everything because you rock and it's there and what's not to love about food?

But everyone else is surrounding a different corner completely now! Why? You crane your neck to see... the Iron Throne! Everyone gets the chance to sit in the throne and take a photo. When it is your turn, you FEEL the texture of the chair. You also FEEL like a boss.

Aaaaand SCENE! This Westeros is a lot warmer and more friendly than what we've experienced in the books and show, don't you agree? But to immerse your guests like this is EXACTLY what you are aiming for.

Okay, now it's your party's turn! Keep in mind that Game of Thrones is incredibly visual, so I had a lot to work with. Even the chandelier was a familiar sight we've seen at the beginning of every episode.

So! What do YOU have to work with? Let's go sense by sense.

What will your guests SEE? This is usually the easiest one. There is always something that people recognize as belonging to the thing you're basing your party around, right? I have a photo area for every event, and I usually try to pick the most recognizable things for people to pose with their costumes in front of.

What will your guests HEAR? Okay, a step in a more obscure direction, but you can do this! Does your theme have a film soundtrack? Is it in a separate decade, like the 20's, where you can set the mood with some jazz? Any music is better than none, so even if you're drawing a blank, don't panic! The alternative question is what kind of environment would you like to create? Contemplate whether you want a relaxed ambiance with slow piano chords playing or upbeat pop music to energize your guests into dancing. And again, don't have the music too loud. People like talking to each other, and no one likes losing their voice by yelling over music.

What your guests TASTE and SMELL usually goes hand in hand. Although maybe you wanted to have a garden party where all you can breathe in is the luscious scent of flowers. Who am I to say you can't do that? (Answer: Nobody. You do you, babe.) And what delectable treats would you like to serve your guests? In some fandoms, like Lord of the Rings, menus are practically handed to you. Other fandoms, like Batman, may need a bit more craftiness if you want your guests to eat more than Penguin's fish.

Lastly, and often the most difficult: What will your guests FEEL? Note: there are two ways a person can feel. One is through their fingers, and one is through their heart. So if you hand-painted a Chip teacup for each guest at your Beauty and the Beast party but didn't have some fuzzy or slimy attraction, who cares? As long as one of these is touched on, your guests will feel like you put effort and love into what they are experiencing.

Any questions about these blog topics? Aching to learn more about a specific step or event? Head to our Contact Us page!
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