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How to Drink at Parties

As an event designer, I know that the things that stick out to people the most when it comes to parties are in the details: the wording of your Clue menu, the Stark seal on your Game of Thrones invitation, the flying keys hanging from the ceiling of your Harry Potter entrance.

And one of the most important details is centered around what people are drinking. Why? Because it's the part of your event that people will keep revisiting to refill. (Especially if there is a drinking game, which is always a fun idea if you are playing a movie that corresponds with the event.) So I'm going to share a few simple cocktail recipes and drinking games from some of our favorite events!

Naming the drinks for our Avengers party was an absolute blast. There were some guests that I knew would not be drinking (and I always recommend having a non-alcoholic drink anyway for when people want to slow down their intake or a few of your friends are the designated drivers). So for our mocktail, we served Black Widow's Punch. And those that were drinking enjoyed a vodka sour mix we called Hulk Smashed. And, because labeling is always important to me, we made it very clear as to which one was alcoholic and which ones were not.

The trick with good drinking games is to make it simple and easy to remember. So while we had signs in various locations, most people remembered our Avenger's Drinking Game:

1. Whenever Tony Stark says something snarky.

2. When Thor or Captain America is confused.

3. When Nick Fury accidentally turns into Samuel L. Jackson.

Not only are these three points enough to cover the movie in many opportunities to drink, they are at some of the funnier moments and therefore become even more enjoyable.

But did I hear you say you wanted an even simpler drinking game, with just two points of drinking? Challenge accepted. Enter The Lego Movie party and it's corresponding game, where no signs for the drinking game rules were even necessary:

1. Whenever you hear the word "special".

2. Whenever you hear the word "awesome".

Oh yes. We went there. And our guests enjoyed drinks labeled Dark And Brooding (a Batman-based cocktail that included rum, coke, and grenadine) or a Hey Look! A Rainbow! (an Emmet-based mocktail that included peach seltzer water. We made sure to have as much of the non-alcoholic drink as we did for the alcoholic drink solely because the drinking game was so consistent and fast paced. We wanted to keep everyone included, with whichever drink they were playing the game.

Simple, but fitting. And a special (take a drink!) bonus: our food menu included a Taco bar, in honor of Takos Tuesday. The S is silent.

Finally, for our Clue movie party, we stayed true to the film by adding brandy to the drinks menu we already had, consisting of Mrs. White wine, Miss Scarlet wine, and Professor Plum's mocktail (which was actually flavored like black cherry, but no one seemed to mind).

And our drinking game, sticking with our motto of keeping it simple, included:

1. Whenever someone dies.

2. Whenever the doorbell rings.

3. Whenever someone falls or runs into another person.

And there you go: simple but effective drinks with stellar themed names (they practically named themselves) and drinking games that will let you enjoy those drinks during the whole movie, laughing throughout!

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