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Planning a Crazy Cool Wedding without going Crazy: Step 8

Wedding Plan Step 8: Final Few Steps

Look at all your lists and schedules. Make a Leftovers List of things that haven't been done yet so you can see it in a to-do style that isn't clouded over with other details that have been taken care of and shouldn't visually be in the way. Even better: put a timeline to it. (We did just that, posted below.) Hunt down the RSVPs that haven't been sent yet, say, a week after the due date. Nails? Day before. Solidifying DJ's music that you definitely want or don't want played? A month or so, but use your personal preference. Sending out rehearsal dinner info to the bridal party? Make it early enough so they know how early they have to fly or drive in.


March 1 (8 weeks)

  • Assure bridal party is on schedule with attire and travel

  • Finalize desserts

  • Marriage license

  • Verify hotel for traveling vendors and family

  • Stock alcohol

  • Create logistics lists

March 16 (6 weeks)

  • Confirm décor

  • Confirm music

  • Confirm food

  • Confirm drinks

  • Confirm ceremony

  • Confirm venue and staff

  • Confirm hair and price

  • Finish vows

  • Confirm rehearsal dinner

  • Pass out all wedding day timelines

April 1 (4 weeks)

  • Hunt down leftover RSVPs

  • Seating plan

  • Finish any DIY projects

  • Marriage license follow-up

April 16 (2 weeks)

  • Final head count to catering and Becca

  • Finalize seating plan

  • Confirm all vendors and arrival times

April 22 (1 week)

  • Schedule mani-pedi

  • Set aside checks and tips to vendors

  • Confirm party arrival times

  • Last minute things

May 5 (day before)

  • Mani-Pedi

  • Confirm all décor and accessories are at venue and hotel that need to be

  • Vendor envelopes to family member

  • Rehearsal and dinner

  • Decorate early if possible

  • Get to hotel room by 9 pm

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