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Planning a Crazy Cool Wedding without going Crazy: Step 5

Wedding Plan Step 5: The Most Mental Work

Time for the absurdly drawn out schedule details. Pull out the general schedule of the day that you made during Step 2 (it feels so long ago, doesn't it?). Then write out your schedule first, working backwards from the start of the ceremony (giving enough time for makeup and hair, first looks, pictures, special things you want to do, having to wait on anyone that is running late, transportation...) and forwards from the end of the ceremony

(giving enough time for room flipping, cocktail hour, speeches, dinner, cake cutting and serving...). Write down everything you can think of that may take extra time. Do you need coffee in the morning? Make time for that. Are you meeting your bridesmaids somewhere to get ready together? State what time you'll leave for it, and what time you'll arrive there.

Then work on others' schedules based off your own. Are you doing a first look with your groom? Give him time to get to the meeting spot, ask how long he'll take to get ready and what all he needs to do with his groomsmen, and work backwards. Once you're together for the ceremony, your schedules will most likely be the same for the rest of the day (that goes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, too).

After that, move on to your bridesmaids' and groomsmen's schedules. What time are they supposed to meet and where? Note: if there's someone who often runs late, change their

schedule to reflect an earlier time. Or if there's a specific bridal party member who has a special job, make a separate schedule and account for that.

What about family members? Do you and your groom want to have special moments with your parents before the ceremony? Finagle that into both your and their schedules. When do you want them to arrive at the venue?

Finally, the vendors. This depends on when everything is going to get done and how long you have the venue for. If your ceremony is an hour long and you have a big break between that and the reception to do photos, you'll want to count all the hours you'll need that photographer. (And realize you'll need a bartender for a longer cocktail hour if you have a long photo session.) If you have dancing all night but want music played throughout the whole reception, it'll help you know how many hours you'll need to hire a DJ.

Be absurdly detailed in your schedule making! The more you explain things out to people, the fewer questions they will bombard you with on the day of the wedding.

Step 5:

  • make a detailed timeline of you, your groom, your wedding party, your families, and vendors

  • move immediately on to Step 6

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