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Planning a Crazy Cool Wedding without going Crazy: Step 9

Wedding Plan Step 9: Take Care of You

When you wake up on your wedding day, your goal is to not care about a damn thing. No, seriously! So put all the work together and in someone else's hands long before. Write out checks to vendors with the date of your wedding and put them in a labeled envelope to give to a trusted family member or friend (preferably the night before at the rehearsal dinner s they don't have time to lose them). Make a bridesmaid in charge of all communication and give her your phone the morning of so you don't have to deal with the inevitable “Sorry, an emergency happened and now we can't make it” text that someone thinks you actually want to read. (And when it happens, who cares? Make your day about the people who are there vs. the people who aren't.) Put someone in charge of decor and vendor arrivals if you don't have a day-of wedding planner, and designate friends to set up and tear down. AND DEFINITELY PUT SOMEONE IN CHARGE OF FEEDING YOU. The queen needs her sustenance!

Can you think of anything else you'll be tempted to worry about the day of the wedding, or even the night before? Let someone else worry about it. You have done your part. Now, go get married.

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