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Planning a Crazy Cool Wedding without going Crazy: Step 1

Wedding Plan Step 1: Eeeeeeee!

Allow yourself to bask in the reality that, through your wedding, you are a queen.

A queen with shit to DO.

But don't be overwhelmed by your giant party-planning endeavor just yet; enjoy the fact that you're engaged first. Spend time with the one you are choosing to spend your life with before you immerse yourself in details.

Start your planning with the biggest step: make a budget. This will help you figure out every step after. Because frankly, if you don't have the money for an extravagant detail, it ain't happenin, honey.

(See below for our rather extensive budget list. What can I say? I love the details.)

Pick a date, and what you want your big day to circle around. (Do you want a sunset wedding? Afternoon tea reception? Time to make sure you and your bridesmaids have space for mimosas? Full dinner vs. cocktail hour only? Short vs long reception?)

Then start writing names down: who has helped build who you are and who could you not imagine your wedding day without? Go through your phone and social media contacts; you'd be surprised at how many times I thought “oh yeah, I can't forget about them!” while scrolling through my Facebook Friends list.

So yes! To condense:

Step 1's:

1. Make a budget

2. Pick a date

3. Make a general guest list and add 10 to have a guest number estimate

Once these are solidified and in play, everything else will feel MUCH smoother. Now go put on your crown and come back to me when you're ready for Step 2!


Bridesmaid Goodies

Shirts: 40

Bags: 40

Trinkets Inside: 40

Wine Glasses: 10

Total: 130

Groomsman Goodies

Flasks: 100

Total: 100


Stamp Wax: 5

Return Address Stamp: 15

Engagement Party Postcards: 50

Invitation Printing: 300

Signs: 40

Thank you Notes: 50

Guestbook: 25

Stamps (postcard, invite): 150

Total: 635


Robe: 5

Veil: 6

Shoes: 45

Lingerie: 15

Hair: 100

Nails: 50

Total: 221


Suit: 50

Pants: 50

Accessories: 20

Shoes: 100

Total: 220

Engagement Party

Total: 80


Venue: 1500

Deposit: 500

Tip: 200

Total: 2200


Total: 1900


DJ: 600

Ceremony: 100

Sound System/Lights: 50

Total: 750


Total: 300


Catering (food, labor, cocktail hour): 2500

Catering Tip: 100

Cake Topper: 15

Cake Slicer and Server: 5

Total: 2620


Beer: 500

Wine and Champagne:325

Bartender Services: 150

Non-Alcoholic Drinks:100

Ice: 30

Garnishes: 20

Total: 1125


Tablecloths, Underliners: 100

Runner: 20

Plates, Silverware, Napkins: 100

Glassware: 120

Backdrop (Lights, Fabric): 30

Bathroom Baskets: 20

Champagne Flutes: 30

Total: 420


Bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages: 100

Petals: 10

Ribbon: 20

Pins: 10

Total: 140


License: 60

Rings: 100

Total: 160


Ubers for Wedding Party to Venue: 100

Any questions about these blog topics? Aching to learn more about a specific step or event? Head to our Contact Us page!
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